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From Cozy Homes to Thriving Businesses – Discover Our Craftsmanship in Action. Dive into our portfolio of this year’s successes, showcasing our commitment to excellence in heating and cooling solutions. Each project is a story of challenges overcome and satisfaction delivered. Explore how we tailor our expertise to meet unique needs, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and reliability in every space. Your next success story could be with us!

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Boiler Installation Project

Heating Services, Boiler

Project Overview: "Complete Boiler System Overhaul in a Local School"

Description: "We undertook a major project to replace the aging boiler system in a local school. This project involved installing a new, high-efficiency Peerless boiler, ensuring reliable and consistent heating for the school. Our team worked efficiently to minimize disruption and completed the project ahead of the winter season."

Outcome: "The school now enjoys a significantly more efficient heating system, with reduced energy costs and improved comfort for students and staff."


Air Conditioning Installation Project

Air Conditioning

Project Overview: "Multi-Unit AC Installation in a Residential Complex"

Description: "This project involved the installation of Tempstar air conditioning units in a newly constructed residential complex. Our team coordinated with the construction schedule to ensure timely and seamless installation of the units across the complex."

Outcome: "Residents now enjoy a comfortable living environment with efficient and reliable air conditioning, even during peak summer months."


Rinnai Combi Boiler Installation for Heating and Hot Water

Heating Services, Boiler

Project Overview: "Efficient Heating and Hot Water Upgrade for Single-Family Home"

Description: "We upgraded a home with a high-efficiency Rinnai combi boiler, providing both heating and hot water. This eco-friendly and space-saving solution replaced the outdated system, with our team overseeing selection, installation, and optimization."

Outcome: "The project significantly enhanced the home's energy efficiency and comfort, delivering instant hot water and consistent heating. Homeowners praised the upgrade for its operational efficiency and space savings."


Rapid and Reliable Emergency Service

24Hr Emergency Service, Heating Services

Project Overview: "Emergency Repair of a Commercial Heating System"

Description: "We responded to an emergency call from a local business experiencing a complete heating system breakdown during a cold snap. Our emergency team arrived on-site within hours, quickly diagnosing and repairing the issue."

Outcome: "The business was able to resume normal operations with minimal downtime, thanks to our rapid response and effective repair work."

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Hot Air Furnace Installation

Heating Services

Project Overview: "Installation of a 96% Hot Air Furnace"

Description: "We were called to address issues with an old hot air furnace in a family home. Our technicians conducted a thorough inspection, performed necessary installation, and provided maintenance advice to extend the life of the furnace."

Outcome: "The family's 96% hot air furnace was installed and restored to optimal functionality, ensuring reliable hot air supply and improved safety and efficiency."


Radiator Repair and Maintenance in a Historic Building

Heating Services, Boiler

Project Overview: "Comprehensive Radiator Restoration in a Century-Old Apartment Building"

Description: "We were approached to address and rectify longstanding heating issues in a historic apartment building, known for its architectural heritage but plagued by inefficient and outdated radiators. Our project involved a thorough assessment and repair of the building's entire radiator system. This included replacing damaged components, balancing the system for even heat distribution, and implementing modern control systems to enhance efficiency and user comfort. Our team worked meticulously to preserve the building's historic integrity while upgrading its heating functionality."

Outcome: "The completion of this project saw a significant transformation in the building's heating efficiency. Residents now experience consistent, comfortable warmth throughout their homes. Our work also led to a reduction in energy costs and an increase in the overall value of the property. This project stands as a testament to our ability to blend traditional architecture with modern heating solutions."